Keep The Good Vibes Rolling

Keeping a good positive attitude in life, or what I like to refer to as “good vibes” takes a lot of hard work. A busy lifestyle can be very rewarding but it also can be extremely draining. Taking a small amount of time out of each day to do a few simple things can make your day positive and delightful, helping those good vibes flow through yourself and everyone around you.

1. Drink Coffee. Having a cup of coffee each morning can be the first step in helping you improve your day. Coffee is a natural and effective way to improve energy levels, it’s filled with antioxidants as well!

2. Listen to good music. Getting ready for work, on your commute, working out, or relaxing. There are multiple times in one day that you can put on your favorite tunes to make the simple times in life that much more enjoyable.

3. Indulge. Whether it’s in your favorite snack or a good book, indulge in something you love every single day, you deserve it!

4. Stay away from negative things and people. Life can be stressful enough, and when you add pointless media and negative people into the mix it can make your life that much more unhappy. Take time to do things that calm you like yoga or meditation in order to keep those good vibes surrounding you.

5. Watch the sunset! Here in Southern California, we are lucky enough to have an amazingly beautiful sunset almost every single night. Take advantage of Mother Nature and watch those beautiful sorbet colors flow through the sky as the sun goes down, so that one of the last images you see before you go to bed at night is soothing and delightful.