Currently I am enviously scrolling through Facebook book gazing upon all my friends and families vacation photos. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or money to skip town and spend a week or two abroad. In Southern California we basically live in a vacationland full of sunny days, sandy beaches and endless exploration. It’s time for a Staycation! A day trip or weekender reserved for relaxation and fun around our own city!

Hiking. Hiking can be exhausting but there is something about it that relieves stress. There is a hike in the heart of Hollywood called the Wisdom Tree. It overlooks Hollywood, DTLA, the Pacific Coast and the Valley. Truly a 360 view of our homeland! On the top of the mountain is a tree that is known as the Wisdom Tree. People leave notes and words of wisdom for the people of LA and tourist. It’s a great Staycation if you can only spare a day away from reality. Make sure to leave your own advice to the world.

Camping. You would be surprised at how inexpensive renting an RV for the night is. Book one for the night and drive up the coast! There is a beautiful beach near Emma Wood where you can reserve a spot for $30/night. Park, start a fire and go to sleep with the oceans lullaby! 

Wine Festivals.  We are in a season of wine and beer festivals! Check out your cities next drink-fest! If you are not into crowds for a vacation, you could always drive up to Santa Barbara and enjoy Funk Town for a few hours.

Beach Day. And, of course a beach day! Take the family to the beach and bring plenty of Cabo Chips. Relax in the warm sand while reading the newest thriller you can’t put down. If you need a book recommendation I am currently reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

We know life can get busy and the stacks of papers on your desk may be constantly building. Take advantage of your weekends. Get out of the house with the family or friends and make your weekend a Staycation!