Thanksgiving is a time to gather in unity with the people in your life that mean the most, and a perfect time to host a party! We want to make your Friendsgiving spectacular and stress free, so we’ve provided a few helpful ideas in order to do so.

Decorate the table: The dining table is the center piece for this type of event. Everyone is going to be gathered around it and you want it to of course be visually appealing. Filling the table with fall leaves and mini pumpkins is quick, easy and affordable. Also, using decorative but disposable plates and utensils makes clean up a whole lot easier so you have more time to spend enjoying the party!

Potluck: Having a potluck not only makes it easier on the host but it makes the food selection more exciting! Having everyone bring their favorite dish brings new and creative items to the table. Maybe making a suggestion that the items don’t necessarily have to be your traditional thanksgiving dishes could bring an interesting twist! Whoever brings the Cabo Chips should win a prize!

Share your thanks: A great way to give thanks before you start feasting is by having everyone share what they are thankful for. Going around the table and having each person express their gratitude for the things that are important in their lives adds a personal touch to the evening.

Take photos, the old fashion way: Now days, everyone is constantly on their phone, taking pictures for social media. If you provide a Polaroid or a few disposable cameras at the party this will keep people off their phones and having fun taking photos the old fashion way. It’ll also be a good way to make a scrapbook or collage with the actual photos afterwards.