Live Adventurously

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." –Helen Keller

It is easy to get caught up in to the day-to-day routine. Wake up. Have your coffee. Go to work. Come home. Make dinner. Veg out on Netflix. Drink a glass of wine and go to bed.  I hate to use the oh-so-overly-said phrase of YOLO but it does ring true. We do only live once. What is life if we don’t live it out of the ordinary?

Do you choose money over experiences? Will you one day be asking your grandchild what the Grand Canyon looks like because you never took the time to find out for yourself?

I made a personal goal this summer to live adventurously. I love the beach, but I don’t want an ordinary beach day! I have kayaked in the Chicago River with skyscrapers surrounding me. I have paddle boarded in the Pacific Ocean with sailboats sailing beside me. I went cliff jumping into the Malibu Canyon pools. Now more than ever I feel like my life has a little bit more quality than before.

Adventure looks different to everyone. It could be a road trip to somewhere 60 miles away. It could be taking a risk and showing your boss a project you have been working on the side. Maybe your adventure is skydiving! Whatever adventure looks like to you, live a life of it.

Maddie EickhoffComment