A Cheese Plate For Any Occasion

When is the proper time to have a cheese plate? The answer is always! A cheese fanatic like myself believes a cheese plate should be at any occasion.

I have created a cheese plate that fits in for any gathering. Not too fancy but delicious enough for anyone to ignore the fact that there is no real actual honeycomb on the platter.

Let’s start with the Cheese!

Here I have white Cheddar, Gouda and Brie.  It is good to have an arrangement of cheese.

·      Snow White Goat –This cheese is a goat’s milk cheddar made by Carr Valley Cheese in La Vale Wisconsin.  It is fruity and floral with a bright cheddary bite.

·      Honey Bee Goat Gouda – This isn’t your traditional Gouda but is absolutely delicious. It is a sweet tangy sumptuous goat’s milk with a nice honey flavor.

·      Fronmager d’Affinois – Mmmmm! This is a double-cream cows milk cheese with an unctuous ivory pate. Aged for a mere fourteen days in Rhone-Alpes. This cheese is spreadable and luscious.

On to the meat!

You don’t necessarily have to have meat in your cheese plate. I like to have the different options on what to pair the cheese with other than crackers and bread. On this plate there are two different types of salami made by Creminelli.

·      Bresaola Piccola – This is an air-dried beef. Rubbed and marinated with organic spices, salt and organic garlic. It has a beautiful dark burgundy color which can spruce up the look of your cheese plate.

·      Coppa - Coppa is a pork cured with salt and organic spice. It is subtle and sweet with a faint smokey flavor.


This cheese plate is garnished with different flavors that will pair well with the cheese.

·      Fruit spread - goes well with Gouda. It aids in bringing out the flavors you wouldn’t ordinary taste.  

·      Olives - are also a great garnish and helps cleanse your palate between cheeses.

·      Nuts – This cheese board has blanched almonds. Walnuts work great as well!


Along with the meat and different garnishes it is great to have some sort bread or cracker to pair with the cheese. With this plate I skipped the crackers and went straight for Tortilla chips!

·     Blue Corn Cabo ChipsThis may be different but I love the blue corn Cabo Chips with brie like cheese. The lime and sea salt really brings out the different notes in the cheese.

·      Bread – A French baguette is used here. To give it an extra touch, put it in the oven for 10 minutes to help it crisp up and then drizzle Balsamic vinegar on it. Your guest will thank you!


Enjoy with friends and family. An excellent cheese plate is too good not to share!