5 Tips For A Successful Road Trip

Windows down, radio up and wind rushing through your fingertips. There is nothing like a good road trip! Isn’t the open road so freeing? You could legitimately take one road and be on it for hours and hours. Seeing trees you have never seen before, ocean airs you never breathed in and fields that seem never ending.  Besides the obvious ‘bring a phone charger’ advice, I have put together five tips to have a successful road trip in your near future.

Planned or Spontaneous

Before taking off onto the open road you should decide if this is a planned trip or a spontaneous trip. Both are great in my opinion but it should be something that is stated. Do you already have stops along the way that you know you want to check out? Or are you going to go with the wind and whatever looks enticing along the way you will quickly swerve over to explore? Knowing the kind of trip this will be can take off a lot of stress for those who are planners and those who are spur of the moment doers.


Of course I am going to tell you to take Cabo Chips with you! Nothing can be more frustrating then stopping a million times to curb the snacking crave. When you are in the car for so long eating just feels right. I always need something salty, something sweet and something healthy.  Weather it’s a bag of grapes or a bag of Cabo Chips, bring enough for the whole gang.

Photo Ops

In this day and age I feel like I shouldn’t have to say take pictures. Of course you are going to take pictures and post it to social media within the hour. Take pictures but also enjoy the scenery through your own lenses. Your eyes! Remember the way the jagged rocks look along the cliffs, remember the smell of the pine when you’re looking into their deep green spores. And remember how happy you and your friends look in that moment. Or maybe someone is car sick… then definitely don’t forget that! :)

Mix Tape

One cannot rely on Spotify alone. I make the trip from LA to Ventura ever so often and there is always a moment in the trip where I run out of signal and Spotify is no longer on my side. Take yourself back to the 90’s and create yourself a mix tape! Except now you can have it on your phone and play it through the AUX! I’ve created a playlist that has songs I like to listen to while driving and threw in some that people can sing along to. It’s important you don’t play all country when someone is definitely not a fan. 

The Right People

I would like to say you can take anyone with you but it is true, you can’t do a road trip with just anyone. It’s not always gas that keeps the car truckin’ but also the energy in the car. Bring people with good vibes along! (So I'm invited right? Cool!)

Side note: If you are looking for a road trip idea, I highly suggest the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the PCH. You drive right along the coast and it is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever done!