Back To School Lunch Ideas

It can be tricky enough to find the time and inspiration to cook healthy meals at home. Throw on top of that trying to figure out how to pack a healthy lunch for each day of school. You might want to throw your hands up in frustration. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how not to waste food while still staying creative and giving the kiddos something they’ll actually want to eat.

The trick is buying just a few key ingredients that you can use in different ways throughout the week. Getting creative with your presentation and making sure you choose a fun container to put the lunches in will ensure your kids will eat every last bite.

Our 1.5oz snack size bags make creating a well-rounded lunch that the kids will enjoy easier than ever!

The following lunch ideas use the following ingredients:

-       ½ carton cherry tomatoes

-       ¾ large cucumber, peeled and sliced

-       ¼ cup strawberries

-       ½ orange bell pepper

-       turkey slices

-       cheddar slices

-       1.5 cup chicken salad

-       ½ avocado

-       ranch dressing

-       kale chips

Lunch #1: Veggie Skewers + Meat & Cheese Rollups

We’ve used tomato, orange pepper and cucumber for our veggie skewers and roasted turkey with cheddar cheese for our rollups. Feel free to choose whichever veggies and sandwich meats your kid will like best! Serve kale chips on the side for some crunchy nutrients.

Lunch #2: Chicken salad with Cucumber Crackers and Strawberries

Using cucumbers as crackers is a fun way to sneak some veggies into all kids bellies. Of course they can also always use the chips on the side! Feel free to buy store-bought chicken salad or prepare your own at home.

Lunch #3: Kid-friendly Cobb

We’ve left off the red onion and blue cheese for this Cobb salad and have also paired it with ranch dressing instead of balsamic. Using the same chicken salad from lunch #2 makes this creamy, nutritious salad a breeze to prepare!





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