Vegan Berry Banana Bowl

Simple & Sweet

Breakfast is by far the most important, not to mention my favorite meal of the day! Without breakfast I would never be able to get through my busy schedule. With that being said, I know that although Southern California’s lifestyle can tend to be laid back it can also be hard to take the time to make breakfast every morning, especially when your in a rush. So I came up with a solution… a recipe that’s not only healthy and delicious but simple and quick as well!

I like drift away from my everyday morning breakfast routine once and a while, so I decided to make my own version of a vegan smoothie bowl.

Quick Tip: This recipe is meant to be quick and easy so I don’t use exact measurements with every ingredient, I use “small handfuls”. (You can usually never go wrong with eyeballing fruits and veggies!)


- 1 small handful baby spinach

- Splash of almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened)

- 1 handful of blueberries

- 1 handful of blackberries

- 1 small banana

- 1 scoop of ice


1. Place smoothie ingredients into a blender or food processor until a creamy consistency

2. If too thick add more almond milk

3. If too thin add more banana!

For the toppings your welcome to add your favorite fruits, nuts or seeds. I LOVE to use dry oats because they tend to soak up the smoothie bowl and fill me up for a lot longer then any other topping! I also added blueberries because they are my favorite berry and they were really fresh!

Quick and easy topping ideas:

1. Dry oats

2. Blueberries

More extravagant toppings:

-       Shredded Coconut

-       Sliced Fruit

-       Chia or Teff Seeds

-       Almonds

-       Granola

-       Agave (for added sweetness)

Simple ingredients, easy processes & a delicious dish! What more could you ask for?