5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Party

Some of us don't have the luxury of living in the salty air just blocks away from the beautiful deep blue ocean. After some work weeks we know that making that trip through the LA traffic to the west side can be a pain. But I think we all need a chance to escape the summer heat every once in a while, no matter where we live. Even though here in SoCal we have summer all year round, there still tends to be a pool party season... And that season is now! Here are five ways to keep people talking about your pool party all the way through fall!

Inflatable foods

Oddly shaped floaty’s are the way to go for a fantastic pool party with endless photo ops. I have seen inflatable flamingos, the white Pegasus, ice cream sandwiches, pretzels and my personal favorite the donut!

Cool Jams

Now, I know you will be cooling off in the water so let’s add some jams to that! I have created a short playlist of my favorite summer vibes. Feel free to make your own playlist to call your own!

Stay Hydrated

Its important to stay hydrated when you are spending the day in the sun. Water is always a must. But, don’t forget the cocktail bar and a bucket of beer!

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit by the pool makes my heart happy! Cabo Chips was birthed in Baja, Mexico where streets are filled with delicious fresh fruit vendors. One of Cabo Chips flavors was actually inspired by the fruit vendors with real Mango, Chili and Lime. I like to have a fresh fruit bowl complete with Mango, Pineapple, Melons and cucumber. I've been known to sprinkle on some Tajin or there is always the drunken watermelon. (Watermelon soaked in Vodka!)

Good Friends

Now a party is not a party without your friends and family around.  So don’t forget to invite us! ;-)

Maddie EickhoffComment