Camp Vibes

Now that Cabo Chips are officially being sold in the Whole Foods Market Rocky Region, we are hoping to do a bit more camping! In honor of the season of fall and launching into a new region, we wanted to get ourselves prepped for an epic camping trip!

Dirt under your fingernails, campfire-smoked flannel and sparkling night skies! Take a look at my favorite Camping vibes!

Hammock Zen

Relaxing is the main purpose of camping. Lying in a hammock under an umbrella of green trees with sunshine seeping through is quite possibly the best therapy for relaxation. Relax! Listen to the silence nature is providing you.

Hobo dinner

Easy and so delicious! There are so many great meals to make on the fire, but one of my favorites is called the Hobo Dinner.  One of the easiest too! Wrap your dinner fixings in tin foil and place by the hot coals of the fire. The length of time depends on what you have in it, so sit back, relax and let the fire do the cooking. I like to do mushrooms, asparagus and chicken with olive oil, sea salt and garlic.


It is nice to lie around and enjoy a fire but I am all about the day activities! Let the wanderlust inside of you take over! Explore a trail you’ve never been down before. Try to catch crawfish in the river below; it might just be what is for dinner. Take the dogs for a hike up the mountain.  Let your mind get lost in places you have never been before.


Nothing says camp vibes like having leftover marshmallow stuck to your hand from a delicious golden brown S’more. Try using Churro Cabo Chips in place of a graham cracker to make a S’more. It is definitely a must try!


I would have said friends and family but I feel like anyone you choose to go camping with turns into your family around the fire pit. My favorite part about camping is the conversations you have around the fire. Dinner has been devoured, plates have been cleaned and what’s left is to have a nightcap by the fire with your family.