October Hiking in SoCal

We are in high hopes that the heat wave season is behind us, which can allow more hiking to happen in our lives! Yes, here at Cabo Chips we are all about the snackage of Non-GMO Tortilla chips. We are also about an active lifestyle and enjoying the amazing weather SoCal provides us. A lot of hikes I go on can be quite a struggle but the reward I feel at the top of a mountain keeps me going back up for more. I wrote down my latest hikes in SoCal that I think are perfect for October Fall weather. Grab your water bottle and lets go see the view!

Park Mesa Overlook

Park Mesa has the ocean breeze and slight incline all the way up Topanga Canyon in the Pacific Palasades. Starting from the bottom you are covered in a canopy of green trees providing just the right amount of shade. The incline keeps you going at a nice pace and the ocean view throughout it very pleasing. To reward you for all your hard work, Park Mesa Overlook has a nice bench for you to rest your legs and stay awhile.

Gaviota Wind Caves

This hike may be a little too far for us SoCal inhabitants but I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Thirty minutes north of Santa Barbara is a hike right off of the Pacific Coast Highway. Throughout the whole hike up the mountain you have a beautiful ocean view. The top of the mountain is full of wind caves with views of the valley and the Pacific. The chilly dark tunnels are also quite a nice reward for a hot hike up.

Rocky Peak Park

If you are looking for a hike with absolute no shade then this is the hike for you! I am usually more of a tree person but the sand stone rock formations out in Simi Valley are uncaning.  This is a 5 mile hike round trek with a 1,100 lift in elevation.

Jim Morrison Cave

This hike is by far the hardest hike I have done lately. At the very top of Corral Canyon in the Malibu Hills there is a hidden cave that Jim Morrison was known to go chill out in. Originally he had written lyrics on the walls of the caves. It is now covered in pink paint and graffiti. This is a really great reward at the end of a long hike. You can either park up at the top which is just a ten minute walk to the cave or you can do the actual hike which ends up being 12 miles round trip. I would suggest bringing extra water and hike it on a cooler day.