4 Ways To Keep Summer Alive All Year Long

#1 Do your daily workout outside! Sure most colleges have a nice clean recreation center filled with machines and equipment, but the weather is still so nice and warm out, why waste it by being indoors? Skip the treadmill and go on a jog outside with a friend.

#2 Do your homework by the pool! Keep your feet wet while being productive. No better way to make homework less boring then to do it while getting a tan!

#3 Watermelon is still in season! Indulge in food and beverages that are refreshing, like fruit or cucumber water. Then picture yourself lying on a beach when your really sitting in the classroom.

#4 Put down your phone and study! Get good grades and be productive, next summer will come soon enough. Make it worth it!

Just because you have to hit the books again doesn’t mean you need to be miserable! Remember SoCal Summer is the hottest in September!