Top 5 Surf Spots In SoCal


Although the surfers in Southern California stay in the water pretty much all year round, September through November is actually the best season for SoCal surfing.  Thanks to the yearly Santa Ana winds that add to our SoCal swells.

Lower Trestles

The Lower Trestles is an endless surf paradise. The offshore winds produce surf breaks for short boards and long boards alike. Home of many surf competitions you are bound to see intermediate to expert level surfers out in the waters. It has been said, “If you are tired of surfing Trestles, you are tired of life.”

Blacks Beach

Blacks beach is a San Diego must for experienced surfers. With it’s powerful swell and deep underwater canyons it can create plenty of lefts and rights unexpectedly. Known to be a short-boarders paradise the crowd can get pretty full and is not best suited for beginners.


Caught in between Santa Barbara and Ventura with rocky shores and surfers fillings the ocean this little point is known to produce some of the best surfers in SoCal! Surfers such as; Dane Reynolds, Tom Curran and Bobby Martinez.  It’s the perfect winter spot with its low tide and long right handers. Although this beach can get a bit crowded, Rincon has three distinctive take off points. The Indicator, The River Mouth and The Cove.


Malibu has many different surf points along its coast including, Little Dume, Zuma and Surfrider beach. Loved by loggers and shortboarders you can find several breaks primarily in summer and fall. “The ‘Bu” is best known for its laid back vibes that go hand in hand when catching a wave.

The Wedge

This is our backyard surf! The Cabo Chips headquarters is a 10 minute bike ride to this iconic must-surf spot in Southern California! The swell here can be quite aggressive and breaks often on the sandy beach. Although it is mostly full of body boarders there are a few advanced surfers willing to take the risk.