Memorial Day Weekend Grill-A-Thon!

There is no better way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend than by the grill with family and friends. Honestly, this may be the biggest grilling weekend of the year. I have taken the time to go through countless of drool worthy grilling recipes, (a few snack breaks in between) and I'm here to report to you the ones you should try this weekend. From the Cabo Chips team, we are wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend will delicious food and Cabo Chips to snack on!

This Grill Girl knows what’s up when it comes to grilling in style. With Dockweiller Beach just a short drive away, why wouldn’t you want to gather all your friends for an authentic Plancha style grilling method to cook up your own favorite fajita recipe. Go one step further and get yourself some of the new Cabo Chips par-baked tortillas! I can only image how amazing they will taste being cooked through with this technique.

Girl Carnivore has come up with a not so typical burger. This Grilled Cheese Burger has everything you never knew you wanted in a burger.  I’ll be honest it is hard to look at this website because literally everything she grills up looks amazing!

Of course, we couldn't go the weekend with out a Mexican Grilled Corn dish considering our very own Elote flavor is inspired by it. Thanks to Alison Roman over at Bon Appetit, she is grilling up a beautiful and tasteful recipe perfect for Memorial Day Weekend.

Whatever you plan on grilling up today we hope it is delicious. So grab a beer, some Cabo Chips and enjoy the day!